Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturdate with Southern Plate- {chicken planks}

Last week, I started cooking through the Southern Plate cookbook. If you missed it I explained it here. This week I decided to make chicken planks. This recipe is on Southern Plate so if you want the recipe just click here.

Because I make chicken fingers about once a month, I was hesitant to try a different recipe. Here is a picture of the first few chicken planks I made.

They are…what's the right word….burnt! I took a little too long on the prep work, and my oil got too hot. Just pretend like you didn’t see that.

After that fiasco, I opened up the windows to clear the smoke out, turned the oil down, and kept cooking. (I’m not joking. I really did have to open the windows…in January!) Here’s the finished product.

Aren’t they pretty? (Just ignore the ones in the back.) I know they look good, but the main question is, “How did they taste?” Brandon is a very picky eater, and he only eats Chickfila chicken. He has never eaten my chicken fingers, but when I put these chicken planks in front of him, he ate them right up with no fussing. Success! This is now my go to chicken recipe.

I also made comeback sauce to go with the chicken planks. I was alarmed by how much pepper this recipe used, but it really just adds to the flavor and not to the heat. Shad and I really liked it. You can find that recipe here.
By the way, we ate the burnt chicken planks, and even they were good.


  1. Hey, Steph. These look delicious. I have a steak finger recipe with a batter that is better than the meat. We will have to trade. Love, Ashley

  2. Look as good as Chick fil a!! Great job!#3s#1

  3. They sound wonderful!! I would SO much rather have homemade chicken finger/planks than bought at a restaurant or store.

  4. I've never even heard of 'chicken planks,' but they sure look good--even the burny ones!

  5. Yummy! As a southern girl, those are a MUST!!! Love them!


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