Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blessing #34- {awesome} Yearbook Pictures

This weekend, I watched Beezus and Ramona with Brandon. In the movie, Ramona takes an awful school picture, and that got me to thinking about my bad school pictures. I debated about whether to call them a blessing or a curse, but I decided that anything that could make me laugh this hard must be a blessing.

{2nd grade}

This was picture retake day, and the photographer was telling me to say, "Yes!" I, being the smart aleck that I am, said, "No," and flashed this huge smile. The photographer took the picture, and he got the last laugh. It was retake day, so the picture was final.

{sixth grade}

There are so many jokes I could make, but I'll pick just one. "Yes. Yes, I am, Sally Jesse Raphael's long lost daughter."

{eighth grade}
In eighth grade, I helped little kids get out of their cars every morning. On the morning of picture day, it rained. In my school, you had to get approved to get a picture retake. When the approver saw this picture, she said, "Your eyes aren't closed ALL the way." I obviously did not buy these pictures, but I was humiliated when yearbooks came out.


  1. There all beautiful. #3s#1

  2. Hey, I remember you. I missed you. There was a time I was #1 in your life.
    Then "HE" came along. I know the order, Husband, sons, then me. That's another reason I sign #3.