Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blessing #36 - Signs of Spring

Fall used to be my favorite season, but, since moving to MD, spring is definitely my favorite season. The winters are long and hard, so spring is such a welcome friend.

Spring is not in full force here yet, but within the past week, I have seen several signs of spring. With each one I see, I squeal with delight and yell, "Spring is coming."

1. Peeps- Sugar dipped in sugar! I have had a life long love of this candy. I know they are around almost year round now with every holiday, but nothing tastes better than a chicken peep. I know it's the same marshmallow, but the chicken shape just tastes better. I love looking at all the colors, but the classic yellow is definitely my favorite.

**This is an old picture of Shad and Brandon.**

2. Forsythia (aka Yellow Bells)- I LoOoOoOve this flower...shrub. When these are in bloom, it looks like God took a highlighter to the woods.

To get the full affect of this next sign of spring, you have to see the next picture through my eyes.

Please CLICK HEREand when the video comes up hit play then come back here and look at the picture.

I'll wait.

You ready.

3. B playing outside! Goodbye Winter B, hello happy boy! Every mother knows how I feel! Spring is almost here!!!!

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  1. Great post! #3s#1

  2. Very good post. A keeper. #3

  3. Popped over from (in) courage. Every boy mom is climbing the walls about now!!! BTW...yes, we find ourselves at altars in the most unexpected places!