Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blessing #39- I *growl* you too!

***Sorry for the strange picture, but my memory card is still acting up.

About a month ago, Collin discovered his voice. He now squeals constantly! It is way too cute and sweet. Because Collin is so loud, Brandon has become louder. The decibel level in our house is definitely higher, but it is a good kind of loud.

Most of Collin's noises are high pitched squeals. I think most of the time his squeals mean, "I'm full! I'm happy! Hey, look at me! Am I really a part of this family?" OK...maybe not that last one, but you get the picture.

However, there is one sound that Collin makes that melts my heart every time. The best way I can describe the sound is, a low growl. I know it doesn't sound very sweet, but I'm convinced he is saying, "I love you," with that growl. I know I sound crazy, but trust me, he is saying, "I love you." I can tell by his eyes when he does it, and in the words of that great philosopher Forrest Gump, "I may not be a smart (wo)man, but I know what love is." Every time he makes his little growl, my heart just melts.

He may not be able to use words yet, but he definitely lets me know he loves me. I know it sounds crazy, but I don't care. I *growl* you too, Collin!

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