Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project Life- March 7 - 13

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Wednesday, March 9- Collin had his 4 month check up. I took a picture of him with all his growth stats. I also got a picture of something he started this week, sucking his lip in. It's too cute!

Wednesday, March 9- And this is what my other son was doing while we were in the doctor's office, trying to pick locks. Where in the world did he learn this!?!

Friday, March 11- Shad finding my bottles!

Friday, March 11- Collin got a little tired on our bottle expedition. He had to take a quick nap.

Saturday, March 12- I tried to give Collin peas for the first time. He still thrusts his tongue out so it didn't work so well, but we will try again later.

Saturday, March 12- He is not very sure about this.

Sunday, March 13- Some of our sweet friends in GA sent B and Collin John Deere pillow cases. Brandon loOoOoved his!


  1. Love the pics. love #3s#1

  2. LOVE feeding the baby peas! Great shot.

  3. I love the pea covered baby! And lock picking...at least he was quiet while waiting, lol! I'm a new follower. Please stop by and return the favor.

  4. Oh, those pillowcases are awesome!


  5. Love Collin's cheeks. I just want to pinch them on the screen!