Monday, March 28, 2011

Blessing #40- "This will make a good blog post"

Last week, I had the quest of trying to get Collin's social security card. We have been waiting for the card to come in the mail, but it never came. After many phone calls, we learned we had to get Collin's birth certificate before we could get his social security card. So here are my misadventures in getting all those documents.

Birth Certificate

Wednesday,with my directions in hand and two little boys in tow, I set out to go get Collin's birth certificate in the rain. I missed the turn to building, and had to cross all kinds of traffic, in the rain, to get back. I got both boys and the stroller out of the car and headed in to get the birth certificate. When we got to the door, I saw this sign... We had checked the website and talked to someone on the phone, but no one told us the location had been moved! Did I mention it was raining. I called the number and got some bad directions. I wish I could tell you I kept my cool, set a good example for my boys, and happily walked back to my the rain, but I lost it. I said things like, "Are you kidding me! What a bunch of morons!" I even sarcastically sang, "I'm Proud to be an American," and added my own special lyrics. I told you I wasn't proud (hangs head in shame). Finally, we made it to the new location and I walked in to get the birth certificate ITR (that's text for "in the rain"). It took all of two minutes, and I had the birth certificate.

Social Security Card

Friday rolls around, nice and sunny, and I have to go to the social security administration to get Collin's social security. I knew we would have a long wait, so I saved Collin's morning bottle for the long wait. We walked into the room full of people, took a number, and waited in the only two chairs available. I started to get out all the stuff for Collin's bottle when I realized I had not put a liner in his bottle, and a drop in bottle without a liner is useless. This time, I laughed, it was just too funny. I gathered up our things and we ran to a drugstore to get some liners. On our way out Brandon said to everyone in the room, "My mommy forgot the liners." My number was 119, they were on 110 when I left. I loaded both boys up in the car and we rushed to a drugstore and got bottle liners.

When I got back to the Social Security office, I asked the security guard what number they were on. He said, "116, you didn't miss it." I yelled, "Yesssssss!" About fifteen minutes later, I got my turn, I explained what had happened and requested a card. I said, "Here's his birth certificate," and then the social security worker said, "Oh you don't need that." What!?! I did not need the birth certificate I struggled to the rain! I needed any another paper with his name on it to get the the soc. sec. card. Fortunately, I had brought a whole packet of papers, just in case.

So what's the blessing in all this? Since I started blogging, when things like this happen, I think, "This will make a good blog post!" Even in my rage about vital records moving, I took a picture of the sign so I could blog about it. Blogging, helps me take life lemons and make lemonade.


  1. Like I said to you earlier, don't be surprised when Home Land Security knocks on your door and wants to know why you're taking pictures of government buildings. Love the post. Soooo funny. Love you #3s#1

  2. Oh my word. I hope people didn't think they were anything other than bottle liners.