Friday, March 4, 2011

Give Me Five Friday- {things that makes my life easier}

{5 things that make my life easier}

1. Moby baby carrier- I've been subbing this week, and Collin has been with me while I teach. (It's not nearly as hard as it sounds.) This carrier looks a little crazy, but it does not hurt after ten minutes like most carriers.

2. E-MEALZ- I'm going to calculate this as a blessing soon. I've you used it about a month and love it!

3. Bottles with drop in liners- Collin had to switch bottles, and the one he liked happened to use drop in liners. This is so convenient when we are on the go.

4. Shad playing basketball- Shad has missed playing basketball for years. Now, he gets to play every Sunday night after church. He loves it, and a happy Shad, makes us all happier.

5. B playing outside- Just like Shad, a happy Brandon is a happy family. Thank you warmer weather.

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  1. #6 A mini-van... There are many blessings, you just remind us of them. Thank you. #3