Friday, March 11, 2011

Give me Five Friday- {Squirrels!}

In case you don't know, I love my husband. He handsome, quirky, and an all around amazing guy. (You should read the comment he wrote and surprised me with on the (in)courage post yesterday.) One of Shad's quirks is he does have some...(how do I say this)...attention issues.

Have you ever seen the movie Up? Do you know how the dogs would be talking and then suddenly say, "Squirrel!" The first time Shad saw this he laughed his head off and said, "That's me!!!" So today's five is in honor of Shad's "squirrels," the things that always catch his attention.

{five of Shad's...."Squirrels!" moments}

1. "Brandon!"- Brandon and Collin always have a way of getting him off course. Sometimes it's because they do something cute, and sometimes it's when they do something bad. To be honest, who can resist their cute faces? They are a "Squirrel!" for me too.

2. "I love this song"- Now, I do this one too. If he says this all conversation stops so we can listen to the song.

3. "Do you think this is worth something?"- Shad often says this in thrift stores. I know if I hear this, Shad will be intently Googling when we get home.

4. "Did you see that?"- We can be driving down the road, rushing to get to where we need to, but if he "sees" something on the road no matter what we will have to stop and see what it is. I could fuss and ask him not to turn around and get it, but I know he won't be able to think about anything else. Besides, many times what he sees is something really cool!

5. "Does this looked cooked to you." -If Shad says this statement, I know where his attention will be for the next three hours. I've blogged about that phenomenon before here.


  1. Love the 3/5 questions. They are more like statements. ;)

  2. This makes me think of a Carrie Newcomer song by the name of I Meant To Do My Work Today. I saw her concert and she introduced this song by talking about that part of the movie Up.